Wenatchee United Football Club brings EPLWA soccer to the Valley

WENATCHEE, WA – (August 12, 2013) The Evergreen Premier League is pleased to announce today that the Wenatchee United Football Club has been accepted as the third member of the new statewide semi-pro soccer league.

Wenatchee United has been founded by a group of four local businessmen and soccer lovers. Javier Reyna, Juan Valle, Rafael Garcias and Ivan Arroyo will operate the new club.



‘The greater Wenatchee area has a big outdoor soccer community filled with talented players that have been waiting for a long time to root for and play in a higher level of soccer,” says Javier Reyna.

“It means a lot to the community to able to see and play against the best players from around the rest of Washington. WUFC will be working with youth clubs, adult clubs and schools to help raise the level of soccer in the Valley.”

WUFC---squareThe Wenatchee United crest was revealed a few weeks ago. Designed by Evergreen Premier League Branding Manager Timothy Hamilton, the circle features the club colors of green and white with the symbols of an apple and a bridge. It’s the George Sellar bridge that ‘unites’ East Wenatchee with Wenatchee.

WUFC will now begin to form their club, looking for a home venue, assembling staff, reaching out to local businesses, and getting the soccer players to compete in the new league.

“We believe in Wenatchee, and we believe in this group of owners,” says EPLWA Coordinator David Falk. “We have high hopes that this club will grow to be important to the community and will present a difficult place for other sides to visit come next spring.”

The announcement of Wenatchee United now brings the total number of clubs accepted in to the Evergreen Premier League to three. Earlier Bellingham United FC (Bellingham) and South Sound FC (Tacoma) were announced. The EPLWA plans to have around eight to ten clubs and a season of fourteen to sixteen matches when the league kicks off in May of 2014.

Road Trips
It is 183 miles from Wenatchee to Bellingham, and 162 miles from Wenatchee to Tacoma. The average temperatures (Fahrenheit) during the season in Wenatchee: May-73, June-80, July-88. Wenatchee Valley’s current population is approaching 115,000. Wenatchee itself is very near the geographic center of the state of Washington.

About Wenatchee United Football Club
Wenatchee United are an expansion club. They have yet to play a match. They will draw players from the Wenatchee Valley, Chelan, Manson, Cashmere and other nearby towns. The club is looking into playing at the Apple Bowl (grass surface.)

About the EPLWA
The Evergreen Premier League is an elite adult men’s soccer league for college and post-college age players to feature their skills on hometown clubs throughout the state of Washington. The league’s mission is to cultivate “football club” culture while providing opportunities for coaches, owners, supporters, players and towns to enjoy the sport and all of the community-building it can bring.

www.EPLWA.com and www.EvergreenPremierLeague.com both currently redirect to the club’s Facebook page.

Kasey Keller stands next to Wenatchee United FC founder Javier Reyna when Sounders FC visited the city for an Elite Coaches Clinic. (Courtesy photo)
Kasey Keller stands next to Wenatchee United FC founder Javier Reyna when Sounders FC visited the city for an Elite Coaches Clinic. (Courtesy photo)


  1. I loved playing college ball in WA. I would love to see more info on the eplwa. Especially on when and where there will be a try out or clinic. Feel free to reply. Excited to see WA progressing so quickily in the soccer environment.

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