VOTE: Which town would you pick for 8th EPLWA club?

Last week was huge for the new Evergreen Premier League as four clubs were accepted into the semi-pro adult men’s soccer league for the 2014 kick off season. Soon  a 7th club (already chosen) will be announced. The league’s Club Entrance Committee took a breather last Friday to assess its progress, and in the process the notion of stopping after eight clubs has gained traction.

by David Falk

It’s a matter of how many matches can fit into a 12-week season. A league of eight teams would allow for a balanced home/away schedule of fourteen matches. It seems like a manageable number. The tricky part of the equation is that five applications have yet to be decided on, with two of those coming in just in the last two days.

Location, Location, Location

The poll at the top of this article allows you to send the Club Entrance Committee a message about where you would put the 8th team. Of course location is only part of the equation. There is also ownership group, finances, playing venue, soccer administration experience, player talent sources, local soccer scene, etc. You don’t have access to those details, but you can still think along with the Committee.

Right now there are four teams in Western Washington and two in Eastern Washington.  On Monday a third eastern club will be announced. So, it might make some symmetrical sense to put the 8th team in that side of the state too. That would mean Yakima.

Then there is the I-5 idea. The clubs in the west could jaunt up and down the freeway with choices in Marysville, Centralia or Vancouver (WA). 

Finally, there is the Seattle – Bellevue Derby possibility if a newly-applied East side club was accepted.

Taking time to get the details

The Club Entrance Committee has established what looks to be a very strong group of clubs in what is already a league with a statewide footprint. Picking the 8th club will be a strategic decision, and there is no reason to rush the process. The 8th club would no doubt like to get started as the other seven have and will, but in the end that side won’t be at any real disadvantage if the decision takes another week or two.

Some applications are further along than others. Some clubs have their details pretty-much all in order. Others are just getting their answers sorted. While it is a torturous wait for the early sides, the league needs to be sure to pace itself and look at all applications before picking what could be the final club for 2014.

So, what would you do, based only on geography? Vote in the poll above and add your comments below.

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