Hooligan Ron named league supporters liaison

The Evergreen Premier League supports soccer supporters culture. So we knew right from the start that we would create a volunteer position for a prominent fan to keep us in touch with what is going on up in the stands. We are happy to introduce “Hooligan Ron” as the first EPLWA – Supporters Liaison. Ron will help build the new EPLWA Supporters Coalition.

Hooligan Ron. (David Willoughby)
Hooligan Ron. (David Willoughby)

“I am like a child on Christmas day, anxiously awaiting EPLWA opening day!” Ron tells EPLWA.com.

Ron has posted a Facebook page where fans of clubs and the league in general can post about their experiences and ideas. LIKE it here: www.Facebook.com/EPLWAfans.

“The EPLWA Supporters Coalition is a great idea in the sense that we can all come to a common place and share ideas on how to show passion for our teams and help create ways in making a positive impact within our individual communities. When the season ends as sad a day as it will be, trophy or not, I hope that we have teams drooling at the mouth to get into this new and exciting league.”

Clean shave for Ron. (David Willoughby)
Clean shave for Ron. (David Willoughby)

Ron has become an icon in Bellingham where his support for the Hammers of BUFC has spilled over into all of the other town’s teams too. Ron runs www.Bellinghammers.org.

“We want color and excitement in the stands,” EPLWA’s David Falk says. Falk will coordinate with Ron to make sure supporters have a voice in league matters. “We want our club supporters to feel free to have a great time on match days. We are excited to see what fans in the different towns come up with in support of their teams.”

Ron is available online to share ideas and help fans get started.

“Fans should let me know if they have specific questions I can answer. I can be contacted at Bellinghammers@gmail.com. Also again I want to say thank you to the league founders for having a dream and letting us help bring it to life.”

Ron was featured in this 2012 goalWA.net story.

Flags: a supporters club standard. (David Willoughby)
Flags: a supporters club standard. (David Willoughby)


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