EPLWA says cheers to local gathering spots

Under the “Fans” tab on the main page menu of www.EPLWA.com is a link called “Gathering Spots.” This is where the Evergreen Premier League will give a shout out to local pubs that serve soccer hot and beer…nice and cold.

Do you have a local pub that is connected with your local EPLWA side? Send their link to us at EPLWA2014@gmail.com!

Below is a new article from Bellingham United FC and Hammers Insider Brandon Enyeart. Cheers!


Hops and Soccer: A Love Story

A King once sang “Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling so it goes….some things are meant to be”. I’m not sure what or who the King was singing about, but what I do know is that the same can be said for a good pint and some soccer.

If you are a fan of Bellingham United FC, then you know all about The Copper Hog Beer Garden and all about the amusing characters who camp out there for the matches. The Hammers’ title sponsors at The Copper Hog do a fine job at each home game providing several tasty beers on tap while they too, cheer on BUFC.

Heading into this inaugural EPLWA season, it looks as though a few other teams have taken it upon themselves to show off their fondness for the ales. One that comes to mind immediately is none other than Yakima United F.C. Now don’t get me wrong Yakima, your hop infused logo is pretty snazzy, but let me ask you this…do you have any beers made in honor of you? Let’s just entertain the idea that you do for a moment….surely you don’t have two? Three? Four!?

The Copper Hog’s own, Aaron Mattson gave me the inside scoop on this year’s line of brews which will include two new additions. One of those comes from Island Hoppin Brewery called the “Soccer Mom Saison”, Mattson describes the brew as “a very citrus forward farmhouse style” and the other comes from the folks at Wander Brewing called the “Belling-hammer Wee Heavy”, Mattson included that they wanted to be a part of BUFC so badly that this is actually their first brew ever and it just so happens, it will be dedicated to the Hammers. Along with the brand new tastes, the Kulshan Brewery Full 90 and Chuckanut Brewery Yellow Card will both be in package format this year.

Although there is a ton of brewery awesomeness surrounding Bellingham United F.C., the relationship between pubs/breweries and local clubs is something that the EPLWA is hoping will become par for the course around the league. I spoke with EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky about how they are going to do that, he had this to say:

“We want to recognize establishments that are supporting the eight different teams that make up the EPLWA. How are we recognizing that? We are listing them on our website under the ‘fans’ tab and ‘gathering spots’. There you will find information on the pubs and which club they support.

What we’re also doing is sending each pub’s owner a couple of EPLWA scarves, one for the owner and one to display at their establishment alongside the corresponding clubs’ scarf.”

When asked what having local pubs being involved with each club means to the EPLWA, Ostrovsky went on to say “it’s part of the demographic. Adults who enjoy Premier level soccer also enjoy the pub environment and craft brews. Craft breweries are a big thing in Washington, just like the EPLWA will be a big thing in the state as well.”

This kind of community involvement from the EPLWA is sure to make the whole league as special as what we’ve seen here in Bellingham…..well almost……I mean four beers this year made just for us? Try and top that! Really though, all jokes aside, these things are what makes soccer in the Northwest so great and I think I speak for all of Bellingham United FC when I say that we are excited to see what each and every community involved with the EPLWA comes up with to support their side.

See you in the beer garden.

-Brandon Enyeart, Bellingham United FC Team Insider














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