West Coast Goalkeeping to sponsor 2014 EPLWA Safe Hands Award

Evergreen Premier League partner West Coast Goalkeeping will sponsor a special award for league goalkeepers as part of the 2014 season. The “West Coast Goalkeeping EPLWA Safe Hands Award” will be given to the EPLWA goalkeeper who finishes best in a category that fans will help select.

“The Northwest is known for having great goalkeepers probably more than any other position,” says West Coast’s Shawn Norris. “The success that Marcus Hahnemann, Kasey Keller, Tally Hall, Hope Solo and many others have had has pushed so many to become goalkeepers. Goalkeepers spend much of their time on specialized training and often go unnoticed by fans and coaches and we really wanted to be able to recognize the best goalkeeper in the EPLWA in the inaugural season. We will have a special trophy and a special pair of gloves for the winner of this award!”

Now it is time for fans to select the criteria that will be used to pick the Safe Hands winner. The subject of what statistic best measures a goalkeeper’s prowess is one that is debated around the globe. Is it the goals against average (average of goals scored on the ‘keeper per match)? Is it the number of saves? The number of shutouts? The goalkeeper’s win-loss record? Something else? Go to the West Coast Goalkeeping Facebook page and vote for the way you think we should decide the goalkeeper in the EPLWA with the safest hands!



West Coast Goalkeeping partnering with EPLWA

West Coast Goalkeeping is supplying gear for the goalkeeping needs of EPLWA clubs. Further, West Coast Goalkeeping isn’t just an official partner of the Evergreen Premier League, they are also fans.

“The idea of the EPLWA reminds us very much of what we see in England today,” says Norris. “Everyone has their favorite big club (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool), but they all have local clubs that they support and go to see and have talent from the local community that play for them and compete against other communities.  The EPLWA will give communities a club to rally around and it will ultimately grow a stronger culture of soccer.”

West Coast Goalkeeping is quickly becoming a soccer brand to watch. “Currently we have over twenty professional players wearing our gloves in many different leagues throughout the world,” Norris says. “We entered last season with Luis Soffner, the second ‘keeper taken in the MLS draft, and this season we will be announcing several new MLS keepers that will be wearing West Coast Goalkeeping.  In fact they have been wearing West Coast all off-season and training in our products!”




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2 thoughts on “West Coast Goalkeeping to sponsor 2014 EPLWA Safe Hands Award

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