Photo Feature: Borce’s back with brace against Bellingham

VANCOUVER, WA — Borce (“Bor-chay”) Atanasov is a name Clark County soccer fans are used to hearing directly after goals are scored. He did it in record numbers with the Clark College Penguins in the NWAACC. Now, after time out with an ankle injury, he’s back to doing it with Vancouver Victory FC.

PHOTOS BY BRADLEY YORK – Vancouver v. Bellingham


When Atanasov was announced as a signee for the Victory back in March club owner Barrett Goddard had high hopes for the striker.

“We are very excited to have Borce come and play for the Victory,” he said in the press release. “Being the first player signed to any new franchise is historic. It means something to be the first player chosen. He is going to score a lot of goals for us. Maybe he will even score the first Victory goal!”

Victory head coach Biniam Afenegus jumped in quickly to agree. “Borce played for me at Clark,” the coach said. “When I began to think about the caliber of players needed to compete in the EPLWA, Borce was one of the first players that came to mind. I’m glad he will be on the field for us. He’s a very talented player!”




Goddard called it: Borce did indeed score the first goal in Victory history when they beat WestSound FC 4-0 at McKenzie Stadium on May 4.

Since then he’s been silent on the score sheet and missing matches due to an ankle issue. He came back on Saturday against Bellingham, and the results were immediate. Atanasov scored twice as Vancouver routed the Hammers 5-1.

In their club report Bellingham head coach Lance Calloway praised Atanasov’s performance.

“…the bottom line was we could not solve the problem of Borce Atanasov, the Victory’s strong striker who just returned after being out for a month. Atanasov played a significant part in every single goal scored against us on Saturday, very dynamic. He hit two world-class goals while under heavy defensive pressure.”

Borce and the Victory will play next on Sunday at 4 PM in Wenatchee against WUFC.




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