Music moves Seattle Stars goal scorer Rob Lansche

SEATTLE, WA–-Soccer is a sport of rhythm. Rob Lansche of Seattle Stars FC knows how to play to the beat and score goals in the Evergreen Premier League.

Rob Lansche scored a brace as Seattle won their first match. (club photo)
Rob Lansche (left) scored a brace as Seattle won their first match in Wenatchee earlier in the season. (club photo)

STARS-LOGO-new-575On his music Facebook page ( Lansche describes his talents as leaning towards “alternative and electronic influences.” On the soccer pitch he’s become the leading scorer for Seattle Stars FC after netting his third over the weekend against Wenatchee.

It’s just the latest moment in a soccer life that Lansche balances with other interests. The guy loves to play the game, but he likes to weigh his options.

“A big highlight in my career as a soccer player was when I was all set to attend UNLV and compete for a spot on their first team,” Lansche tells Sweet moment, right? Hold your horses. “Instead I accepted an academic scholarship to University of Portland. I decided to attend an open tryout for the D1 UP soccer team. I scored a Wayne Rooney style volley during a scrimmage in the tryout and was told where to be for practice the next week. I was later told I was the first walk-on in many years.”

If his music tends towards alternative, Lansche’s soccer sensibilities are pretty classic. “I think that team play is key. I like to be quick on the ball, combining with one-twos and catching the defense on their heels. Unlike many teams that play too much of the long ball, both my goals (in a 2-1 win in Wenatchee) had come from a nice pass where I executed when needed. And with one goal in stoppage time, keeping focus is key.”

Below: Listen to Rob’s “To Get You Back”  in a Seattle Stars montage…


Rob Lansche scored twice to lead Seattle over Wenatchee 2-1. (Tracie Fowler)
Rob Lansche (Tracie Fowler)

So one day the Seattle Stars suddenly had a musician as leading scorer. How did that happen? “I was told about the Seattle Stars from a friend of mine, Victor Navarro,” says Lansche. He’s had fun ever since. “I think my favorite part of playing for the Stars is seeing the progression. We are a diverse team with many different languages on the pitch, and seeing us overcome that and gel as a unit has been great. Our movement is becoming more in unison everyday and we are becoming dangerous opponents.”

Rob and the Stars might be hitting their stride a little late, but he’s had his eyes open the whole time, appreciating the new experience. “The EPLWA is a competitive league. I have seen many different levels of soccer and the play from all the teams in this league is strong. Lots of players are coming up with big goals and great defensive plays.”

It’s a good life when the rhythm of soccer naturally ebbs into the rhythm of the studio. Lansche’s soundtrack of life is like that.

“When I am not on the pitch I am focusing on music. I grew up with a musical background and have been producing music since I was 16. Seven years later I have put together a full-on home studio and have worked with many local Seattle artists ranging from hip hop to electronic dance music and lots of alternative rock. I have lots of musical inspiration from classics like Pink Floyd and modern artists like Jay Z and Deadmau5.”

Listen to Rob here:



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