Three goals, three match-winners for Shock’s Scotty Hanson

TACOMA, WA— You would expect with flashy names like Joey Gjertsen (MLS) and Daniel Gray that the South Sound FC Shock would be contenders in the EPLWA. And so they are. It’s another name, one that is providing winning goals, that you might not have heard yet. Let’s take care of that by introducing you to Scotty Hanson.

You write the script: On his birthday Scotty Hanson scored another match-winner for the Shock at Starfire Sports Stadium against Seattle. (Facebook photo)
You write the script: On his birthday Scotty Hanson scored another match-winner for the Shock at Starfire Sports Stadium against Seattle. (Facebook photo)

A few weeks ago the Shock found themselves in a 0-0 battle late on with the Seattle Stars.

“JC Henson banged a ball that was saved and knocked out to around the 6 yard box where Scotty Hanson found the ball and cracked it into the net,” SSFC owner John Crouch describes the South Sound goal. “There was a huge meltdown on whether or not he was offside coming from the Seattle Stars, but when explained by the referees, Scotty was able to regain legal positioning before the ball leaked to his feet and he slotted it away.”

scotty-1Earlier in the year at the Shock home opener, Hanson’s header provided a 2-0 cushion and the eventual match-winner over Wenatchee.

Flash forward to last weekend.  SSFC took the lead over Yakima in the 19th minute when Scotty Hanson put away a through-ball from Luke Broz. It was Hanson’s 3rd goal of the year. It was another match-winner.

Three goals, three match-winners for Scotty Hanson.

Hanson is Tacoma soccer through and through, having graduated from Bellarmine Prep and going on to Tacoma Community College’s Titans before playing for Waldorf College in Iowa.

Now he’s making a name for himself in the EPLWA.”I love the new league,” Hanson tells “It has been a privilege to be apart of something so special. I have been blessed with this opportunity to play at this level. I know (Shock owner John) Crouch puts in so much work for things to run smoothly. And It’s only going to get better from here.”

It was Crouch who connected with Hanson while he was still at TCC and invited him into the SSFC family.

ssfc-500“My favorite part about playing for the Shock is the team chemistry and comradery we have for each other. Every time I step on the field I get to play with my best friends.”

Before his Shock days Hanson lists his soccer highlight as winning the 2008 state title with the Bellarmine Prep Lions.

Now he’s scoring match winners. And more. “I’m taking online classes for school, and I also work nights on days that we don’t have practice.”

How does Scotty do it?

“I have great teammates that deliver in a ball in dangerous areas and I have been fortunate enough to put a few away. My general philosophy is to high press the opponents to force turnovers. The team with the fewest mistakes wins.”


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