Walla Walla’s Andrew Glaeser hunts down balls in goal for Spokane

SPOKANE, WA— The Spokane Shadow defense is good. They are tied for most shut outs in the EPLWA with four. It’s a competitive scene for Shadow goalkeepers, though. Those four clean sheets are shared by three players: Cody Lang, Keane Ellis and Andrew Glaeser. Glaeser has been the guy recently, and he leads the Shadow with two shut outs.

Recently against South Sound Spokane's Andrew Glaeser became the second goalkeeper to record back-to-back shut outs in the EPLWA. (Erik Smith)
Recently against South Sound Spokane’s Andrew Glaeser became the second goalkeeper to record back-to-back shut outs in the EPLWA. (Erik Smith)

“There are several keepers on our team and competition is tough,” Andrew tells EPLWA.com. “We push and encourage each other every day to play to the best of our ability. All the keepers that have played have done a great job for our team and we know whoever gets the nod will get the job done. Our training environment is always intense and is set-up for us all to succeed. As far as shutouts, full credit to my team and back line. They do a very good job limiting chances and make my job easy.”

Glaeser is from Walla Walla, where he became the first goalkeeper to earn league MVP honors during his high school days with the Blue Devils. “As a goalkeeper I try to establish a sense of trust with the players in front of me so they know they can rely on me and I can rely on them,” he explains. “After that I go with the natural flow of the game. I’ll try to be a catalyst when we need a catalyst, or a calm voice when we need composure.”

The Northern Illinois Huskies goalkeeper has enjoyed many moments so far in his young soccer career.

Glaeser back in 201o in goal for Wa-Hi. (Union-Bulletin photo by Matthew B. Zimmerman)
Glaeser back in 2010 in goal for Wa-Hi. (Union-Bulletin photo by Matthew B. Zimmerman)

During my junior year of high school I played in the Disney Soccer Showcase and was lucky enough to be selected to the tournament all-star team. With the all-star team we traveled to London, England and trained/played three competitive matches at Chelsea FC. While there we also attend several professional matches and toured London.”

Andrew is also proud of being part of turning the Wa-Hi soccer program around. “Our high school soccer team was not very good. My freshman year we finished with a record of 2-14. Before I graduated, however, we completely turned the program around returning the playoffs and winning our school’s first ever title in soccer. Being part of that transition is definitely a highlight in my career.”

Glaeser has other memories that fill his soccer world. “I was a member of the Three Rivers Celtic team that won the Washington State Cup in 2011. Playing for the Sounders U-18 Academy was an amazing experience and highlight. And my most recent highlight, playing and starting for my college team, Northern Illinois University.”

Andrew Glaeser enjoys the outdoors life, including hunting and fishing, when he's not playing soccer. (Facebook)
Andrew Glaeser enjoys the outdoors life, including hunting and fishing, when he’s not playing soccer. (Facebook)

Now Andrew is with the Shadow, and he’s found himself right in the middle of a hot title race. He’s enjoying the experience. “My favorite part of playing with Spokane is getting to connect with a completely new group of guys and learning from different coaches. Also, going to school in Illinois but being from Walla Walla, WA I’m very thankful for being able to play back in my home state.”

It’s all about getting the chance to play, and Glaeser likes how the league is helping. “I think the EPLWA is making huge strides in its first season. The fan base is great, the level of play is high and it provides another opportunity for guys like me to continue to play. I’m excited to see the EPLWA continue and see soccer in Washington continue to grow.”

That’s a whole lot of soccer for a guy who just turned 21 in March, but Andrew balances his life out with a life outdoors. “When I’m not playing soccer I am usually outdoors. I’m an avid hunter/fisher so I spend as much time as I can doing those things. I also really enjoy hiking, playing all sports, and spending time with family.”

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