EPLWA Coaches vote Wenatchee’s Benham-Marin as West Coast Goalkeeping “Safe Hands” honoree

The coaches of all eight Evergreen Premier League clubs were polled and the resulting ballot totals reveal that Colin Benham-Marin of Wenatchee United FC is the West Coast Goalkeeping Safe Hands honoree for the 2014 season.


Colin Benham-Marin is the first goalkeeper to record back-to-back shut outs in the EPLWA. (Kelly Gillin)
Colin Benham-Marin was the first goalkeeper to record back-to-back shut outs in the EPLWA. (Kelly Gillin)

Colin arrived at Wenatchee United a few matches into the year and then helped the Capitals go on a four-match winning streak. He impressed opposing coaches with dazzling saves, good positioning and steady hands as the last man in the Wenatchee defense. Colin was the first-ever goalkeeper to record back-to-back shut outs in the EPLWA.

Coaches were asked to submit their choices for the top three goalkeepers in the league, in order from 1-3. A “number one” vote was given three points, two awarded two and a “three vote” assigned one point. The point totals were added up and the top five look like this:

1. Colin Benham-Marin – 12
2. Chris Kintz (South Sound) – 9
3. Brian Swanson (Bellingham) – 8
4. Andrew Glaeser (Spokane) – 6
5. Jordan Hadden (WestSound) – 5


Colin recently told the league website, ““Communication is a key element to shutting down other teams offensively and I make sure I am always doing that with my back line and that they are communicating to each other as well as myself. Personally, I make sure I work hard and train as much as possible with my goalkeeper coaches Javier Reyna and Cesar Ceppi who have kept me sharp and progressing forward. As a goalkeeper, I think it is important to be relaxed but focused. You also need a certain element of fearlessness and a short-term memory on the field because some days you’re going to get scored on, make mistakes and you have to be able to learn from those mistakes and let them go. I enjoy every minute of both training or games, the good and the bad, while I’m playing the beautiful game. I like to have fun and take the game as it comes to me while having the best seat in the house as the game unfolds before me.”

West Coast Goalkeeping has been a faithful sponsor all season long and has guided us as we track the progress of goalkeepers around the EPLWA. Visit West Coast Goalkeeping at www.WestCoastGoalkeeping.com. As a part of his honor Colin will receive a limited edition Black on Black pair of West Coast goalkeeper gloves (only 10 were made) along with a trophy and a gift certificate to the West Coast Goalkeeping website for $100.

The goalkeeping in the first year of the league was generally quite good and fans and teams enjoyed following shut out totals, which also honor team defenses. South Sound’s Chris Kintz was in goal for five shut outs. Andrew Glaeser of Spokane was in goal for four. The Shadow got seven shut outs over all in their championship season.




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