Wenatchee FC refines name and crest, on lookout for sponsors

WENATCHEE, WA— Evergreen Premier League club Wenatchee FC have refined their name and crest as they reach out to the valley soccer and business community.

Formerly called “Wenatchee United Football Club,” the team will now be called simply “Wenatchee Football Club.” The name adjustment comes to avoid any confusion with Wenatchee Valley United youth soccer club.

EPLWA Logo-06-CROP-500“United” was at the center of the 2014 crest for the club, but the name change has allowed other elements to come to the forefront. A pretty good crest has now become great.

The George Sellar Bridge has been enlarged and drawn into the center of the circle badge. Also enlarged is the apple, which now fills the background behind the bridge and also features a series of waves in honor of the Columbia River.

The new look celebrates the founding of The Bridge Mafia supporters group. It also declares Wenatchee’s status as the “Apple Capital of the World.” Wenatchee FC will continue to use the nickname “Capitals” as well.

Now Accepting Sponsors

Along with re-crafting their image, Wenatchee FC is also intensifying efforts to bring local sponsors on board.Arroyo Accounting, Rafa’s Satellites and El Agave Restaurant are currently supporting the local side.

Mario Reyes has joined WFC as Marketing Director. He will be working to ad more sponsors. Reyes can be reached at (509) 668-8205 and Mario@WenatcheeFC.com.


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