EPLWA AGM sets 2015 season in motion

EVERETT, WA— Owners / Operators of the eight Evergreen Premier League clubs met for the Annual General Meeting on Friday October 24 at the banquet room at Shawn O’Donnell’s Restaurant and Irish Pub near Everett, Washington to review the 2014 season and make initial plans for 2015.

46306_10151250043147514_357691765_nThe EPLWA hosted the meeting and provided an agenda for the participants as well as lunch and refreshments.

The previous AGM was held in January of this year, just under four months ahead of kick off.

“Collectively we all felt that it was important to meet well in advance of the 2015 EPLWA season,” EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky says, “in order to give the eight clubs plenty of lead time to undertake their planning and preparations for the next season, along with syncing up with improvements in certain league processes.”

The owners agreed to some operational fine-tuning they foresee will help make 2015 run even more smoothly and professionally.

From left to right: Juan Sandoval (Seattle), Roberto Alvarez (Referee Assignor), Patrice Cloutier (Spokane), Peter Ostrovsky (EPLWA President), Barrett Goddard (Vancouver), Marc Ronney (Bellingham), John Crouch (South Sound), Tim Busch (VP of Competition), Robin Gordon (League Admin.), Nathan Goddard (Vancouver), Lance Calloway (Bellingham), Adam Becker (South Sound), Javier Reyna (Wenatchee), Josh Vega (Yakima), not pictured: Keith Sargent (WestSound FC Men)

EPLWA Logo-06-500Ostrovsky spoke at the beginning of the meeting, in part bolstering the agenda the league was founded on: a local competition for players, coaches, supporters and soccer club owners to build unique Washington culture in the sport of soccer.

After the meeting Ostrovsky was pleased with the commitment of the people involved in running the league’s clubs.

“There is no doubt that the clubs are committed to being player-centric and to fostering connections in their communities to grow the sport and create multi-dimensional development opportunities in and around the game. I feel strongly that this is what will continue to build Washington State hometown soccer culture.”

Clubs left the meeting with several items on their “to do” lists, including finding home stadium dates to build the schedule for the 2015 season.


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