Seattle’s leading scorer Buba Findi seeks to raise his game in 2015 – signs with Kitsap Pumas

SEATTLE, WA— Seattle Stars FC midfielder / left back Buba Findi Jammeh (pronounced Boo-ba Fin-dee Jam-uh) has his sights set high for 2015. Evergreen Premier League Communications talked with Buba as his side were visiting the Kitsap Pumas for a pre-season friendly.

Buba has already seen national youth team action in Gambia. Now he’s trying to make a bigger impression in America.

UPDATE – Buba has signed with the Kitsap Pumas. Read the story here.

STARS-LOGO-new-575buba-roadBuba seems animated on the Stars sideline, encouraging his mates to up their game.

Before the match, he told us that is also his personal goal. He’s been in the USA for a few years now. He’s seen time with the (former) North Sound SeaWolves in the PDL.

Last year he scored five goals to lead Seattle Stars FC in the Evergreen Premier League. He’s the #7 that foes were so impressed with last spring and summer.

He continues to get noticed. “On 22 minutes Buba Jammeh, who was impressive throughout, found room to venture down the left hand side and swung in a cross that caused confusion in the Pumas box before the ball eventually dropped just by a relived Rogers right hand post,” says part of the Kitsap match report.

Buba is just 23, and quite versatile. He has the height and jump of a centerback but can surprise down the flanks with his speed. He’s also a finisher, one of those rare two way players. “It is a great pleasure to have such a talented player with the Seattle Stars FC,” says his brief bio on the club website.

The Stars should indeed appreciate his presence, for as long as they have him wearing their colors.

Buba Findi Jammeh wants to raise his game in 2015 with Seattle Stars FC.
Buba Findi Jammeh wants to raise his game in 2015 with Seattle Stars FC.

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