Wenatchee FC news: Players meet with fans, Brazilian goalkeeper on way


WENATCHEE, WA— Wenatchee FC is making news in December as they recently held a fan meet and greet at a location of their main sponsor Numerica Credit Union.


Players Jonathan Rodriguez, Mauricio Sanchez and Elijah Hurt met with fans and talked about Capitals soccer.

Brazilian Goalkeeper

The Capitals also confirmed this report that João Moreira is planning to come to Wenatchee from his native Brazil to try to make the squad as a goalkeeper.


João Moreira.

The google translation of the above link from Portuguese to English is a fun one:

John is the most curious character. And it carries a good story. Born in Manacapuru – as Marcelinho – goalkeeper at age 20, dropped the Amazon football and was risking his life in football of British Guiana. There, in 2014, Mitou the Slingerz FC and fell into the graces of fans. In the country, which is beginning to “engraçar” with football, he became idol of the local fans.After a successful season now signed a contract to defend the Alpha United of Guyana also, just to play in the CFU Champions League, which takes place in the first half. Then we have two closed-year contract with a club of the 4th division of the United States. Next destination: Wenatchee FC.

See photos, videos and follow Moreira on his twitter page.



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