Jeff McIntyre (Ruffneck Scarves), Shawn Norris (West Coast Goalkeeping) named EPLWA Honorary Board Members


800Monday_news_alertBELLINGHAM, WA— The Evergreen Premier League of Washington (EPLWA) is pleased to announce that the league has named Jeff McIntyre of Ruffneck Scarves and Shawn Norris of West Coast Goalkeeping Honorary Board Members of the elite, amateur, statewide men’s soccer league.

The two will be called upon as valuable resources as the league moves forward into its third season and beyond.

Jeff and Shawn founded and continue to operate soccer businesses within the state of Washington that have also been EPLWA partners since the league was founded back in 2013

“The EPLWA is fortunate and honored to have Jeff McIntyre and Shawn Norris as honorary board members,” says League President Peter Ostrovsky. “We consider both of them to be titans of soccer business in our state and beyond and abroad too. They both bring the league insightful perspectives, counsel and strategic advice that we highly value. We couldn’t ask for any better additions to our board of directors and league.”

Jeff McIntyre, center, founded Bellingham United and then helped found the EPLWA as the Hammers entered the new league as the first announced club.

Jeff McIntyre – Ruffneck Scarves

“Ruffneck decided to partner with the EPLWA because we want to encourageĀ a groundswell for local support in our home state,” says McIntyre. “It is great to watch the league growing in several communities across the state.”


“After founding Bellingham United FC and seeing first hand what it is like to operate a local club and attract local fans, I was excited to participate in the creation of a new league and a new model in our area,” McIntyre states. “With the leadership and representatives in place to execute on the vision of the EPLWA I am confident that the league is headed in an upwards direction.”

Jeff will continue to be a resource through his soccer passion and also through Ruffneck Scarves. “Ruffneck is proud to be able to contribute to the local supporters culture by providing scarves to the league and its member clubs. We realize that supporters scarves are a necessity for supporters groups big and small, and we will continue to help each group represent their community and club.”

Ruffneck Scarves supports all of the league’s clubs with world-class scarf designs and production along with sponsoring the league’s annual promotional scarf.

Shawn Norris, left, and Peter Ostrovsky, (EPLWA President, right) pose as West Coast Goalkeeping is honored with a Partners Plaque at the 2016 AGM.

Shawn Norris – West Coast Goalkeeping

Shawn Norris founded West Coast Goalkeeping, which has partnered with the EPLWA since the league began. “West Coast Goalkeeping is involved with the EPLWA because we firmly believe that success in soccer starts in the local community,” Shawn says. “The EPLWA represent not only an outlet for high quality players that may age out of soccer, but a great place for developmental progress of College players. It allows local communities that couldn’t otherwise have a pro team, a high quality, low cost soccer entertainment, and gives the kids close up interaction with these players which is vital in developing the next generation of players!”

West Coast Logo Summer 600.png

Norris is excited to continue and increase his involvement with the Evergreen Premier League. “To be included in the the running of the league is a great honor. Peter and the owners have such great vision and have moved so far in such a short amount of time! With West Coast’s new expansion into the UK Market, I have spent a lot of time in England and Scotland and I see so many similarities in what the local county clubs are doing there to what the EPLWA is doing here in the Northwest. Some of the greatest players in England played for local County Clubs and I hope one day we can say the same thing about the EPLWA in the US Soccer Market.”

West Coast Goalkeeping (WCGK) supports all EPLWA club goalkeepers with gloves and other GK specific products along with sponsoring the league’s annual Safe Hands Award.


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