Bellingham United turns it around, has chance for second place in EPLWA

bufc-clearThe first-ever club announced in the Evergreen Premier League back in the summer and fall of 2013 was Bellingham United FC The “Hammers” came over from the Pacific Coast Soccer League, now a Canadian-only enterprise. BUFC are seen as leaders in community involvement, fan support and running a semi-pro operation.

This Sunday July 31 the Hammers host the Seattle Stars at 3 PM at Civic Stadium in Bellingham. A win for United would clinch their highest-ever finish in the EPLWA. They finished second in the PCSL in 2013.

coverHammersTeam The indoor Hammers set the tone for an outdoor revival by winning the WISL.

The 2016 performance marks a drastic increase in wins and form over the disastrous 2015 EPLWA campaign when Bellingham suffered through a last-place finish on a 2-11-1 record. It could have been even worse. The Hammers did not win a match until their 11th contest. In…

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