Central Washington clubs score 11 goals in big season finale wins


Yakima United FC (5) and Wenatchee FC (6) scored a total of 11 goals on their opponents in the last weekend of the 2016 season.

Hoppers Player of the Year Award goes to Dennis Stevenson in his last match with the club. (Tracie Fowler)

Yakima United 5-1 Vancouver Victory FC

It was the last match in the YUFC kit for veteran defender Dennis Stevenson and he made the most of it by leading the Hoppers in a rout over the Victory.

Before the match Stevenson was honored for his time with the club and the Hoppers also recognized the Victory as EPLWA Champions. Then they went out and beat them by four goals. It was a 10-man Vancouver after goalkeeper Zach Morris was red carded for making a last-stand tackle in the penalty box.

YAK: Dennis Stevenson 31 (PK)
YAK: Andres Ruiz 53
YAK: Ramon Ayala 65
VAN: Christo Michaelson 80 (PK)
YAK: Hector Valdovinos 85 (PK)
YAK: Jesus Salcedo 90


Wenatchee FC 6-0 Olympic Force

The Force traveled with 9 players and Wenatchee FC scored a 6-0 win at the Apple Bowl. It could have been a larger margin but Olympic goalkeeper Lewis Watson made two penalty kick stops.

WEN: Edwin Tinoco 2 (Julio Vera)
WEN: Eleazar Galvan 6 (Adrian Espinoza)
WEN: Edwin Tinoco 33 (Dylan Avey)
WEN: Nikita Wall 53 (Tinoco)
WEN: Eleazar Galvan 62
WEN: Adrian Espinoza 80

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