Where will the 8th EPLWA club be?

Here are the 7 EPLWA clubs. They await an 8th opponent to be decided by the end of the year.

The Evergreen Premier League is undergoing the re-connect and vetting process with 7 clubs who have applied to join the elite amateur men’s soccer league which resides in the 4th division of the US soccer pyramid as a part of the USASA Premier Leagues.

The field to replace the dormant Wenatchee FC was narrowed to 7 at the recent league annual general meeting. On November 12 the 7 candidate clubs were divided up for members of the League Entrance Committee to do proper vetting.

While the process is underway the EPLWA has publicly stated that we have a self-imposed deadline of December 31, 2016 to reveal our 8th club. In the meantime, applications are still being entertained.

So WHERE might club #8 be? As of now, all 7 working applicants are from the western side of the state of Washington. 5 of those are in towns where the EPLWA doesn’t currently play. 2 are actually out of state boundaries.

Stay tuned.


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