Kirkland’s Tyler Bjork reaches 40-goal milestone in Evergreen Premier League


The leading scorer in the history of the Evergreen Premier League reached a milestone on Saturday night at French Field in Kent as the Seattle Stars demolished the Spokane Shadow 5-1. In that match Kirkland native (Juanita High School / Western Washington University) Tyler Bjork scored twice. They were goals 39 and 40 of his EPLWA career.

There is now a certain symmetry to Tyler’s goal total. He played for Bellingham United in the EPLWA in 2014 and 2015, scoring 20 total goals (13 / 7) and now he’s with Seattle Stars in 2016 and 2017, also with 20 goals (14 / 6) with 8 matches still to play in his club’s season.

(Cover photo: Tyler Bjork  on the prowl with Bellingham United in 2014. David Willoughby)


Bjork once scored six goals in a single half, back on June 9, 2014. Tyler made the move to Seattle

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