Tri-Cities Alliance offer “Atomic” assist in Prosser

atomic_no-year-300x223TRI-CITIES, WA—Tri-Cities Alliance FC co-founder Zachary Sansom is making sure his club is building a tradition of giving back to its soccer community.

The 2017 Atomic Shootout Soccer Tournament was held in Prosser Sept. 30-Oct. 1 and beforehand Sansom was among the volunteers helping line the pitches. See a couple of photos below.

During the tournament TCAFC had a table for players and spectators to get some free club swag, including bookmarks, lanyards and stickers.

Tri-Cities Alliance co-founder Zachary Sansom (blue shirt, white shorts) helps line the pitches in Prosser for the 2017 Atomic Shootout.

The Lions were officially announced into the Evergreen Premier League on Tuesday October 17, 2017.

20747543_10105165086367459_1550222916_oSansom was asked what tasks await for his club ahead of kick off 2018. “Too many to name,” he joked. “My mindset is to always accomplish something related to the club every day. Whether it be a phone call to a sponsor, a Facebook post, anything. I fully expect that to accelerate now. Some bigger, short-term, things I see are advertising and sponsorships.”

No doubt the club will also continue  looking for ways to help soccer in the Columbia Basin.


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