EPLWA 2018 Club Preview: Tri-Cities Alliance FC

The Lions roared back in their first-ever EPLWA match last week to beat Spokane 3-2.

Tri-Cities Alliance FC began their adventure in the Evergreen Premier League with a wild 3-2 win over the Shadow in Spokane on May 5. It was in typical Lions style – late goals followed by a victory celebration. TCAFC comes into the league ready to compete for a Columbia Division title and a playoff spot. In preseason they even went up to Seattle and won the Evergreen Cup at Starfire. The club sent us some quotes below that paint a picture of the rising side in southeastern Washington.

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What’s New with the Lions?

“Us. We’re learning what it means to run a professional style club in a real league. It’s been challenging – but also fun and rewarding.” – Jared Loveless, Business Manager and team Co-Founder

“We were able to keep a core group of players together from last year, while adding in some very talented new guys, so we’re having to work on team chemistry and finding the right fit for everyone. I guess the whole team will be new to the EPLWA though so we’re excited to bring our best. The goal from day one has been to get that trophy and that’s what we’re going to try and do.” – AB Moreno, Head Coach


VS. SPOKANE SHADOW May 19 @ 7PM Lampson Stadium
VS. OLYMPIC FORCE June 9 @ 7PM Lampson Stadium
VS. YAKIMA UNITED June 23 @ 11AM Lampson Stadium
VS. BELLINGHAM UNITED June 30 @ 11AM Lampson Stadium
VS. WASHINGTON PREMIER July 7 @ 7PM Lampson Stadium

“We’re really just introducing ourselves to the soccer scene this year. We made a little noise last year but this year is what we have been building towards. We’re trying to find the things, from the business side, that work for more established clubs while also trying to improve areas where we see an opportunity. We have signed a deal with SWX to broadcast our home games, both live and streaming online. We have partnered with the Mid-Columbia Library system in an effort to grow our community outreach. We have lots of ideas still to implement, but we’re also still learning as we grow.” – Zachary Sansom, Operations Manager and team Co-Founder

Lions Online: TriCitiesAlliance.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Getting going – fast!

“Preseason has been eventful, but in a good way. We played a couple home friendlies that served their purpose, even though the scores may say otherwise. Those friendlies enabled us to head up to Tukwila and capture the Evergreen Premier Cup. So we’re going to head into this season with a lot of confidence.” – Ramiro De La Mora, General Manager and team Co-Founder

Visiting the local NBC TV affiliate.

“The preseason was great. I was able to see different players in different and see what worked for this club. We saw who had chemistry with others and where the ideal spots were for the guys. We also saw the kind of passion these guys will bring to the EPLWA this year. Several times the team fought back from deficits. If there’s one second left in the match, don’t count us out!” – AB Romero, Head Coach

“It’s been busy – both on the pitch and behind the scenes. A lot goes into a new team. Finding fields for practice, fields for home matches. Securing sponsors and buying gear. There’s a lot to do. We accomplished a lot, but there is more to go. I’m ready for the season to get started so I can enjoy some soccer, though!” – Zachary Sansom, Operations Manager and team Co-Founder

What should fans watch for?

“Fast paced soccer. This team plays fast. Very fast. And we’re going to fight until the end, regardless of the score. Win or lose, we’ll leave everything on that field.” -AB Romero, Head Coach.

“Quality soccer, first and foremost. Ramiro and Coach AB have assembled an excellent team and Jovan has got them in great shape fitness-wise. This team will surprise some EPLWA clubs this year. In addition, look for our players around town. We’re focused on getting out and about in the community so you’ll see players and coaches at various events in the Tri-Cities. Don’t be shy. Come up and chat with them, get autographs for the kids. Be part of the team just like we’ll be part of the community.” – Zachary Sansom, Operations Manager and team Co-Founder

How do the Lions define #HometownSoccer?

“It’s got to be the connection with the community. I grew up playing soccer here and to be able to play at a level that has never really been available to us is something special. Being able to step onto the pitch and see old coaches, old high school friends, old co-workers in the stands, cheering you on, it’s incredible. People who we’ve known your whole life continue to come to support your dreams. That’s what hometown soccer is all about.” – Ramiro De La Mora, General Manager and team Co-Founder

“To start out as a player and transition to a coach and continue to help grow the sport I love is what hometown soccer is to me.” – AB Moreno, Head Coach

“It’s establishing roots and staying true to the community. What’s unique about this team, when compared to other teams in our area, is that all of our players are local. They live here, they went to high schools here, they raise families here. It really is homegrown talent that makes hometown soccer work.” – Jared Loveless, Business Manager and team Co-Founder



Ab Moreno


Kikito Moreno


Jose Daniel Herrera


Jovan Rojas

F/M Miguel Acevedo
M Julio Andrade
D Jordan Angeles
F Zeke Angeles
F/M Uriel Arroyo
M Alexis Ayous Carmona
D Sam Borja
D/M Mike Chavez
M Adam Chazin-Gray
M Ricky Chicas
F/M Omar Coria
M Ramiro De La Mora
F Vicente Flores
GK Israel Garcia
M/D Israel Garcia Duran
GK Tonio Gonzalez
F/M Ariel Gonzalez
M Giovanni Gonzalez
M/F Joey Graham
F/M Diego Guiza
F/M Mario Guizar
GK Fernando Gutierrez
F/M Lenin Guzman
GK Jose Herrera
D/M Jose Irra
D Nito Lucatero
D Gerardo Macias
D Ozzy Martinez
M Juan Martinez
F Marcos Medina
F Victor Perez
M Jason Rodriguez
D/M Jovan Rojas
M Guillermo Silva
M Luis Solano
F/M Alex Sotelo
F David Uribe
D Bryan Vargas

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