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About the EPLWA

The Evergreen Premier League is an elite adult men’s amateur soccer league for college and post-college age players to feature their skills on hometown clubs throughout the state of Washington. The league’s mission is to cultivate “football club” culture while providing opportunities for coaches, owners, supporters, players and towns to enjoy the sport and all of the community-building it can bring. The EPLWA is a USASA Premier League awarded 4th Division USA status. The EPLWA is affiliated with the Washington State Adult Soccer Association, US Adult Soccer, US Soccer, the Washington State Referee Committee and FIFA.

Contact us at: EPLWA2014@gmail.com

Evergreen Premier League

peter-o2President: Peter Ostrovsky   email 

Peter Ostrovsky is the Evergreen Premier League’s President. He also represents the league as a Commissioner before the Washington State Adult Soccer Association. During 2013, he was a Board Advisor for the Bellingham United Football Club. He is an avid Men’s Over 40 indoor soccer player and enjoys league play at the Bellingham Sportsplex. He is currently the leader of a homeland security law enforcement agency in Blaine, WA with a total of 29 years of experience. Between 2008-2011, he was posted as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in London, England. He played on the embassy soccer team and saw matches against foreign counterparts, other diplomatic missions and even the Houses of Parliament team. While overseas, he was a proponent of conducting international diplomacy through sports and learned all about Guinness. He supports the Seattle Sounders and is fond of Liverpool FC. He is the son of Cuban immigrants, a fluent Spanish speaker and grew up in Miami, FL. He is married, has 16 year old fraternal twin boys and resides in Bellingham, WA.

david_falk_2Communications: David Falk    email

David Falk is the Communications Director for the Evergreen Premier League. He also runs the independent state of Washington soccer news website http://www.goalWA.net. David has written about soccer for years and supported local soccer at various levels for decades. “After talking for a long time about how Washington really needs a league like the EPL, it is awesome to be joining other soccer lovers and doing something about it,” David says. “I am in a bit of a unique position in that I already have a dedicated local soccer audience from goalWA.net’s coverage of the scene in recent years. I will continue to use all media and social media avenues to grow the influence of our league.”

tim_buschVice President of Competition: Tim Busch  email 

Tim Busch is the Vice President of Competition for the Evergreen Premier League. Tim has a long and prestigious resume as President of the Washington State Adult Soccer Association since 1992. Busch has been instrumental in assisting the EPLWA with association connections with the WSASA and the USASA. When the EPLWA was granted USASA Premier status, Busch said: “This is an amazing honor for the EPLWA and a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our eight clubs around the Evergreen State.”  The award was granted to the league after only three weeks of play. Many state associations and leagues around the US are following the success of the EPLWA in its inaugural season.

Robin_gordonLeague Administrator: Robin Gordon  email

 Robin Gordon is the League Administrator for the Evergreen Premier League. Robin’s years of experience in the WSASA offices have allowed her the opportunity to get to know literally thousands of people involved with adult soccer in Washington. She has helped craft the first-ever EPLWA season schedule and continues to work with the clubs on player registration and issues such as getting WSASA playing cards (required), guest player passes, insurance credentials and tracking card accumulations.

Affiliated with:

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