League Documents for Clubs, Players and Curious Supporters

FIFA Laws of the Game

Player Registration Cards (WSASA) – REQUIRED!

EPLWA By Laws 

League Operation Rules 2015 – Final (Posted 4-1-2015)

Match Player Substitution Cards

Official EPLWA Match Score sheet

18-Man Roster  Form 

Blank Referee Match Report Forms

Communications Guide

FAQ as of March 31, 2016

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Evergreen Premier League for supporters and prospective club owners to look over.

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Q: How much does it cost to join the EPLWA?

A: $1,250 yearly league entry fee. We are keeping it low so you can use your money to build your club at the town level.

Q: When does the league play?

A: May-July.

Q: Is this an amateur league?

A: Yes. Players will retain amateur status.

Q: What does “Semi-pro” mean in terms of the EPLWA?

A: It means the our players are not paid but we strive to run our league and clubs in a professional manner.

Q: Are there any roster age limits or restrictions?

A: No. Players of any age are eligible and rosters do not have limitations based on age.

Q: Where will players come from?

A: Elite adult amateur leagues, local colleges, former professionals, up through your club structure.

Q: Will EPLWA clubs be eligible for the US Open Cup?

A: Yes. There is a route for amateur adult clubs to qualify for the USOC via United States Adult Soccer Association Regionals. Individual clubs will decide if they want to travel to such competitions. League play/results will not be used to determine this.

Q: What happens if a club can’t make it to a scheduled match?

A: This is a serious infraction. All clubs rely on their opponents to appear so that home fans are not disappointed and stadium rentals are not wasted, or so road trips are not taken in vain. All clubs will be required to pay a “Performance Bond” at the beginning of the season. This bond will be returned if all matches are played, but will be used to reimburse the side affected if a match is forfeited.

Q: What “level of play” is the EPLWA in terms of statewide soccer?

A: The EPLWA is a USASA Premier League awarded 4th Division USA status. The EPLWA is affiliated with the Washington State Adult Soccer Association, US Adult Soccer, US Soccer, the Washington State Referee Committee and FIFA. Players maintain amateur status.

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Q: How is the champion be decided?

A: As a traditional football league, the current thinking is single table, with the final standings deciding the champion.

Q: Why is so much attention being paid to names of clubs, crests and “branding?”

A: The EPLWA is a “Football Club” league. We will show we are different by acting like and looking like football clubs. Image is important and so is giving the appearance of being professional. It increases the true football experience for our players and fans / supporters.

Q: Why do clubs have to play in stadiums (permanent stands, locker rooms)?

A: We want to attract fans and give players locker rooms to make it a professional experience.

Q: How do I get insurance for use of a stadium?

A: The EPLWA will work with clubs and the Washington Adult Soccer Association to issue “vouchers” for insurance, which almost all stadiums require for rentals. The WASA should cover that need and cost.

Q: How much will I spend to run a team?

A: That will depend on you and your location, as well as sponsors you bring on board. A mid-range budget would be about $15,000 per year for travel, uniforms, stadium, advertising, fan gear, etc.

Q: What will the league office do for the clubs?

A: The EPLWA office will be staffed by volunteers. We will coordinate with officials, communicate to various committees, promote the league on the internet, be a source for answering questions and enforcing league rules and regulations.

Q: Who is in charge of the EPLWA?

A: Right now we are forming our ‘front office’ with a group of volunteers. Peter Ostrovsky is the EPLWA President. Robin Gordon is the EPLWA Administrator. Tim Busch is the Vice President of Competition. David Falk in the Director of Communications. Committees are filled with members of the ownership groups.

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Q: What will our $1,000 yearly league entry fee be used for?
A: The first year that money will go to start-up costs, such as a league website. Also, we have a fee due to the Washington Adult Soccer Association yearly. In the following years it will be used for promotion, growth and maintenance.

Q; How much will the league cost players?

A: It is up to each club whether or not you charge player fees to help defray your costs. Each player MUST have a Washington Adult Soccer Association player card and be registered there. They cost $30 per year and provide health coverage on the field.

Q: How were teams picked / accepted into the EPLWA?

A: The Club Entrance Committee, David Falk, Jeff McIntyre, John Crouch and Peter Ostrovsky, looked at the overall strengths of each club, including location/town, ownership group, soccer expertise, business ability, stadium, club history, more.

Q: What can I do RIGHT NOW for my club?

A: Network with sponsors, businesses, players, your community. Start building a fan base, websites, pricing gear you’ll need, etc. Organize volunteers and assign duties. Consider working with other local clubs to recruit the best talent on the pitch.

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