Information for Evergreen Premier League Players

Washington Adult Soccer Association Players Card – All EPLWA players MUST have a Washington Adult Soccer Association Player Card to be eligible for league matches. Find out how to get one here. All EPLWA soccer players must present proof of registration by displaying their WSASA Player Card prior to participating in an EPLWA soccer match.

Team Tryouts – Teams will announce their own open tryout dates. Refer to individual club websites.

Age Levels – The Evergreen Premier League does not have age restrictions. Ages of players in our adult premier league will be decided by individual clubs and the League Competition Committee.

Amateur Status – Players maintain their amateur status in the EPLWA. Clubs do not pay players. All EPLWA soccer players will compete as amateur athletes and will not receive any monetary compensation whatsoever for playing soccer in EPLWA soccer matches.

Roster Size – EPLWA clubs can have up to 25 players on their rosters.

Women’s League – Visit the women’s league at


  • Serious foul play, violence and fighting will not be tolerated by the league.
  • Any abuse or assault of a Referee, Game Day Staff or Fans will be handled by the WSASA/USSF and may result in a Player Card suspension or revocation by WSASA. In addition, assaults may be referred to the local police authorities as well.
  • Teams are fully responsible for the conduct of their non-active players who are in their bench area.
  • Non-active player misconduct will be reviewed by the league disciplinary committee for possible disciplinary action against the offending non-active player.


All cautions fall to zero after serving a one game suspension.

In addition, all cautions fall to zero if a player appears in five consecutive matches without receiving an additional yellow card.

1. Two cautions in one game Minimum ONE game suspension
2. Three cautions in one season Minimum ONE game suspension


Misconduct towards a player – first offense

1. Misconduct after a caution Minimum ONE game suspension
2. Foul or abusive language Minimum ONE game suspension
3. Violent conduct Minimum THREE game suspension
4. Serious foul play Minimum ONE game suspension
5. Fighting Minimum SIX game suspension

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