2016 Season AGM: Video and Photos


SEATTLE, WA— The 2016 Season Evergreen Premier League Annual General Meeting (photo gallery) was held Friday October 16, 2015 at The Ninety, near the offices of Seattle Sounders FC. Nineteen league owners / operators / officers attended and there were three special guests. The group voted to start the 2016 season the last week of April, Saturday the 30th and Sunday May 1st.

EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky coordinated the meeting, which featured Zaw Pizza and tossed salad for lunch. Former Sounder great Roger Levesque dropped by to receive a plaque of thanks for the Sounders allowing the league use of their facilty. The EPLWA presented plaques to Mike Carter of Code Four Athletics and Shawn Norris of West Coast Goalkeeping in honor of their partnerships. Norris played a video West Coast made especially for the meeting.

See videos and photos after the jump.

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#ShadowTime – EPLWA Home Towns episode 8 in Spokane

Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) Home Towns sponsored by Ruffneck Scarves is now a complete set of 8 with the addition of “#ShadowTime,” a look at the two-time defending league champion Spokane Shadow. The series came online between June and October 2015 to highlight EPLWA clubs, their towns, and to give a taste of the cultures growing behind the crests.

See all 8 episodes under the menu tab “Films.” Thanks to David Falk and goalWA.net for lovingly putting together these great videos, and to all of the people whose talents created the video clips and photos!


All About the Evergreen Premier League

WIKI: The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is an amateur men’s soccer league in the U.S. state of Washington affiliated with the United States Adult Soccer Association. The league was established in 2013 and is contested by eight teams—five from Western Washington and three from Eastern Washington. The EPLWA regular season runs from April to July, with teams playing 14 matches each (playing each team in the league twice, home and away) totaling 56 matches in the season; the team with the best record in the single-table league is recognized as that season’s champion. The current champions are the Spokane Shadow, who won the 2015 season—their second title. The league is headquartered in Bellingham.

#V2FC – EPLWA Home Towns episode #7

Bellingham United Supporters


Bellingham United Football Club (Facebook / Twitter) of the Evergreen Premier Leaguecan boast of having great support. The Hammers are boosted by the BUFC Black & White Army (Facebook / Twitter) as well as Bellinghammers SC (Facebook / Twitter.)

In today’s goalWA.net Video Buzz feature Brandon Enyeart visits with the combined groups after a 2015 match at Civic Stadium.

The Bridge Mafia supports Wenatchee FC

The Bridge Mafia (Facebook / Twitter) supports Wenatchee FC (Facebook / Twitter) of theEvergreen Premier League (Facebook / Twitter).

In today’s goalWA.net (Facebook / Twitter“Video Buzz” feature Brandon Enyeart talks with the three guys who started The Mafia, and we see them in action in video and photos!

EPLWA Home Towns Episode 6: #SeattleFootball

EPLWA FANS: Supporting their local home town clubs!

EPLWA HOME TOWNS: Wenatchee gets a take two with #CapitalsRemix

Drawing a crowd harder for EPLWA clubs in league’s second season

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EPLWA Logo-07by David Falk (EPLWA Director of Communications)

The Evergreen Premier League saw total attendance and average dip in its sophomore season. In the league’s debut 2014 season clubs reported a combined league average of 298 fans per match. This season that average fell by 61 fans to 237 per match.

There are various theories as to why the drop happened. Perhaps the “newness” of the league, or the novelty of a first season, wore a bit thin. There was also the scorching hot weather which might have driven fans to stay inside and cool for weekend matinees. There were also individual circumstances with teams that eventually affected the total league average.

Wenatchee FC packed them in for this pre-season match with Pinnacles FC, but not being able to play at the Apple Bowl saw attendance for the Capitals drop in 2015. (WFC) Wenatchee FC packed them in for this pre-season match with Pinnacles FC, but not being able to play at the Apple Bowl saw attendance for the Capitals drop in 2015. (WFC / Kelly Gillin)

Bellingham United fell…

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Social Buzz: Wenatchee FC’s firefighting defender Vidal Hurtado

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socialBUZZWelcome to a new feature on goalWA.net called “Social Buzz” where we will highlight soccer topics that are trending in social media in the state of Washington!divider-arrow-1

Social Buzz: This photo of Wenatchee FC defender Vidal Hurtado standing in near Icicle Ridge has been a hot view this week on Facebook. Social Buzz: This photo of Wenatchee FC defender Vidal Hurtado standing near Icicle Ridge has been a hot view this week on Facebook.

BUZZ: This week the wildfires around our state have been big news. It wasn’t too long before social media connected the fire fight to our soccer community. Wenatchee FC posted a photo of defender Vidal Hurtado, his face blackened by a day’s work on the firelines. We shared the photo along with one of Vidal on the pitch for the Capitals. That share went viral, and has now been viewed over 10,000 times and liked over 300 times. Seems all of us are appreciative of these guys. All the more so when we learn that one of them…

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#TACOMABOYS – EPLWA Home Towns Film features South Sound FC

Daniel Gray’s strike voted by fans as “EPLWA Goal of the Year” for 2015

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VOTE: 2015 EPLWA “Goal of the Year!”

There’s something for everyone in the four nominees for 2015 Goal of the Year in the Evergreen Premier League.

Which is the best? You decide!
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EPLWA club 2015 season’s end videos

A look back at the 2015 seasons of the eight Evergreen Premier League clubs.
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