Oly Town FC joins EPLWA as 8th club


Kyle Wiese raises an Artesians scarf. “Oly! Oly! Oly! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

BELLINGHAM, WA— The Evergreen Premier League is excited to announce that Oly Town Football Club of Olympia, Washington has been accepted as the 8th club into the statewide elite adult amateur soccer league. Oly Town FC, nicknamed the Artesians, will begin play in the EPLWA starting in the 2017 season which kicks off in early May.

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EPLWA: 4th Division status in USA

eplwa-600-cropBELLINGHAM, WA— The Evergreen Premier League is looking forward to our fourth season of play in 2017. It will be another year as a designated “Premier League” in the United States Adult Soccer Association. The Premier Leagues include the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), the Premier Development League (PDL) and a group of regional leagues called “Elite Amateur Leagues,” of which the EPLWA is a member.

FLASHBACK: EPLWA awarded Premier League status by USASA



The EPLWA is considered an “Elite Amateur League” by the USASA. This puts us in the same pool with the NPSL and PDL in what amounts to a sprawling, unofficial 4th Division. The US Soccer Federation has officially recognized leagues that fit into Divisions 1, 2 and 3. US Adult Soccer is left to clarify the lower divisions.

EPLWA clubs have played friendlies against sides in both the PDL and the NPSL. The young league scored a breakthrough in 2015 when Vancouver crushed PDL side Lane United 5-1. In their 2016 EPLWA Championship season the Victory also posted a 5-2 scrimmage win over NPSL side Temecula FC.

The professional Kitsap Pumas (now in the NPSL) have scheduled numerous pre-season matches against EPLWA sides, testing their rosters in the build-ups to their campaigns.

lamar_hunt_u-s-_open_cup_logoThe South Sound Shock won the 2015 USASA U-23 National Championship.

Recent changes in the entry process for the United States Open Cup (USOC) have provided an opening for clubs in the EPLWA to consider that competition as well. Player availability and travel costs are among the hurdles our clubs must consider when they think about USOC participation. So far no EPLWA club has elected to try for an Open Cup spot.

Evergreen Premier League a proud member of Washington State Adult Soccer Association

WSASA LogoBELLINGHAM, WA— The Evergreen Premier League is a proud member of the Washington State Adult Soccer Association (WSASA.)

The WSASA has been with us from the very beginning, helping the EPLWA establish itself around Washington and jumping in to assist in the development and operation of elite amateur men’s soccer in our state.

As the largest adult soccer association in Washington the WSASA has scores of member leagues.

The WSASA also represents Washington at the national level through their own affiliation with US Adult Soccer. It is these crucial local, national and even international connections that link the Evergreen Premier League with US Soccer and the world game with FIFA.


In fact, it was our membership with the WSASA that led to the EPLWA being selected as a USASA Premier League – thus giving us 4th Division status in the USA. 

The EPLWA is excited about the future of elite, amateur men’s club soccer in the state of Washington, and continuing our strong partnership with the WSASA!

Look for the WSASA logo on EPLWA.com and click it for the latest news.

Where will the 8th EPLWA club be?


Here are the 7 EPLWA clubs. They await an 8th opponent to be decided by the end of the year.

The Evergreen Premier League is undergoing the re-connect and vetting process with 7 clubs who have applied to join the elite amateur men’s soccer league which resides in the 4th division of the US soccer pyramid as a part of the USASA Premier Leagues.

The field to replace the dormant Wenatchee FC was narrowed to 7 at the recent league annual general meeting. On November 12 the 7 candidate clubs were divided up for members of the League Entrance Committee to do proper vetting.

While the process is underway the EPLWA has publicly stated that we have a self-imposed deadline of December 31, 2016 to reveal our 8th club. In the meantime, applications are still being entertained.

So WHERE might club #8 be? As of now, all 7 working applicants are from the western side of the state of Washington. 5 of those are in towns where the EPLWA doesn’t currently play. 2 are actually out of state boundaries.

Stay tuned.

EPLWA encourages new applicants as Wenatchee FC exit opens spot in league


The Evergreen Premier League officially confirms that Wenatchee FC will not participate in our 2017 season.

We would like to thank the players, fans, coaches and especially Javier Reyna and his family for being a part of the EPLWA since they were announced as our third club back in 2013.

“Wenatchee FC always operated in a way that made us proud to have them in our league,” says EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky. “We are saddened by their departure as we know what they have come to mean for so many in the Wenatchee Valley.”

The Evergreen Premier League will now look toward its future with an effort to add an 8th club back into play. A committee has been formed to review the current applications for entrance into the league.

The league would also like to encourage other serious, organized clubs to fill out our online “Application of Interest” for the 8th spot.

The EPLWA understands time is of the essence for an 8th club to be accepted and begin its preparations for 2017 and plans to have a final choice announced by December 31, 2016.

About the EPLWA

The Evergreen Premier League is an elite, amateur men’s soccer competition in the Northwest USA playing at the 4th Division level in the US Soccer pyramid under the USASA Premier Leagues banner.

Evergreen Premier League meeting November 4 in Yakima

yakima-officialsealYAKIMA, WA—The Evergreen Premier League member club owners and managers will get together in Yakima on Friday November 4 for the league’s annual general meeting (AGM) reviewing the 2016 season and laying the groundwork for the 2017 campaign.

EPLWA President Peter Ostrovsky will lead the meeting as the group looks at a series of questions that will be presented to them.

EPLWA.com will share notes from the meeting, and any news that might come out of it, in the days and weeks following the gathering.

Evergreen Premier League wins LOGO WARS: League Edition



The logo of the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) has won the vote as best league logo in the first LOGO WARS: League Edition hosted by goalWA.net. The EPLWA logo edged out the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) logo, 53% to 47%.

Sixteen logos from leagues that have clubs in the state of Washington began battle a few weeks ago. The WISL logo went in as the top seed and made it all the way to the final, while the EPLWA logo was seeded 6th and knocked off NWSL, PDL, and NWPL logos on the way to the final.

The EPLWA logo (designed by Timothy Hamilton in 2013) is clean, modern and yet does indeed seem as if it has been around for a while. It is instantly recognizable. There is no doubt that it represents soccer, and the state of Washington.


There is also a “secret message” in the…

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