Ivan Colin’s life is a conversation between art and soccer



Keep moving. Keep going. Keep kicking. Keep painting. Keep creating.

Ivan Colin’s life is a conversation between art and soccer. As the two continue to ‘talk,’ a man is being created between them.

BELLINGHAM, WA— Ivan Colin has worked his way up the West Coast, holding tight to his love of soccer even as his artistic prowess continues to bloom. He played high school soccer at Justin-Sienna in Napa, California. Then it was north to Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Now he’s in northern Washington on the Evergreen Premier League and Western Indoor Soccer League rosters for Bellingham United.

Kick. Paint. Repeat.

unnamedYou can’t get to know Ivan without talking both soccer and art. That’s just the way it is. “My amusement for kicking a ball and scribbling on walls has always been in my blood,” he tells goalWA.net. “I look at the beautiful game of soccer as an…

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These players WISL during the winter (club rosters)


WISL Logo_150The Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) is an elite amateur men’s soccer competition that features 6 clubs playing ten matches over 4-month schedule from November through February.

The league ends with the top 4 finishers playing in the semifinals and with those winners advancing to the league final which crowns the best indoor side in the state of Washington.

MORE:The latest WISL results and standings

The WISL exists alongside the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA), Washington’s outdoor summer league. A look at the rosters below with reveal that some players share their talents in both leagues. Sometimes for the same club, sometimes not.

The WISL has 4 clubs that are also in the EPLWA: Bellingham United, Olympic Force and Oly Town Artesians (new to the EPLWA in 2017.) The Tacoma Stars Reserves are operated by the outdoor South Sound FC.

WISL Rosters for the week of…

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goalWA.net: Oly Town Artesians bringing EPLWA action to Olympia in 2017


10850127_393494960817521_8473662823117518363_nOLYMPIA, WA— The goalWA.net slogan is “Washington – The STATE of Soccer.” No wonder then that we remain supportive of seeing adult semi-pro men’s soccer take hold in Olympia, capital of our state. To coin an ancient phrase, it’s a ‘capital idea.’

That’s why we are so excited to hear that the Oly Town Artesians will be joining the Evergreen Premier League in 2017! It’s the culmination of years of history and recent efforts to raise the game in our capital at the local level.

Oly Town FC owner Tim Smith looks forward to taking what his club has established indoors to the outdoor soccer realm.”We’re excited to showcase local talent. This is an opportunity to represent our community and we could not be more proud of where we come from.  Olympia’s soccer community has demonstrated its ability to come together to accomplish great things.  That’s what we’ve done in the WISL, and…

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