Embedded with V2FC: A weekend with the new EPLWA Champions


by David Falk, EPLWA Director of Communications

Evergreen Premier League President Peter Ostrovsky had to be out of state for work and so it was decided that I would be the league representative on hand to present the EPLWA Trophy if it was clinched last weekend. This meant taking the train to Vancouver to be there for the Saturday July 23 match between V2FC and the Spokane Shadow.
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Evergreen Premier League wins LOGO WARS: League Edition



The logo of the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) has won the vote as best league logo in the first LOGO WARS: League Edition hosted by goalWA.net. The EPLWA logo edged out the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) logo, 53% to 47%.

Sixteen logos from leagues that have clubs in the state of Washington began battle a few weeks ago. The WISL logo went in as the top seed and made it all the way to the final, while the EPLWA logo was seeded 6th and knocked off NWSL, PDL, and NWPL logos on the way to the final.

The EPLWA logo (designed by Timothy Hamilton in 2013) is clean, modern and yet does indeed seem as if it has been around for a while. It is instantly recognizable. There is no doubt that it represents soccer, and the state of Washington.


There is also a “secret message” in the…

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Three years of goals, shutouts, points in EPLWA

10257420_911504502241898_8047712986127890610_oEPLWA Logo-07-600

The Evergreen Premier League of Washington (EPLWA) completed its third season of play at the end of July. Spokane Shadow won the league in 2014 and 2015. Vancouver Victory took the title this year.

Here are a few tables combining statistics for all three seasons (2014, 2015, 2016.) For the sake on continuity, WestSound FC’s stats (2014) have been credited to the club that took over for them in Bremerton, the Olympic Force (2015, 2016.)


Total Club Points (2014-2016)

Club Total Points
Spokane Shadow 95
Vancouver Victory 82
South Sound Shock 79
Bellingham United 55
Wenatchee FC 50
Yakima United 45
Seattle Stars 40
Olympic Force 37


Total Club Wins (2014-2016)

Club Wins
Spokane Shadow 30
Vancouver Victory 26
South Sound Shock 24
Bellingham United 17
Wenatchee FC 15
Yakima United 13
Seattle Stars 11
Olympic Force 11


Total Club Goals (2014-2016)

Club Goals
Spokane Shadow 105
Vancouver Victory 91
Bellingham United 89
Yakima United 87
South Sound Shock 80
Wenatchee FC 78
Olympic Force 71
Seattle Stars 64

Tyler Bjork.

Leading Goal Scorers (2014-2016)

Player Goals
Tyler Bjork (Bham/Seattle) 34
Eleazar Galvan (Wenatchee) 24
Hector Valdovinos (Yakima) 22
Jesse Esquivel (Yakima) 13
Adam Talley (Spokane) 13
Mike Ramos (Spokane) 11
David Nilsen (Olympic) 10
Fernando Alvarez (Spokane) 10
JJ Schmeck (South Sound) 9
Izzy Deluna (Olympic) 9

Chris Kintz.

Leading Complete Match Shutout Goalkeepers (2014-2016)

Goalkeeper Complete Match Shutouts
Chris Kintz (South Sound) 8
Tony Watters (Spokane) 6
Andrew Glaesar (Spokane) 4
Evan Munn (South Sound) 4
Mauricio Sanchez (Wenatchee) 3