The chase to win the 2017 Evergreen Premier League title

In its fourth season of play the Evergreen Premier League is having its most competitive season yet. The month of July will decide the championship as a group of clubs fight for the top of the table. For a while now Seattle Stars FC have been at the top, but now other clubs are playing matches and making things very interesting.

june-25When Vancouver and Bellingham won their matches  on Saturday June 24 they both signaled that the race is far from over. The defending champion Victory have only played 6 matches. They will play their 7th on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Seattle Stars have not yet played Vancouver and still have matches against Bellingham and WPSS Shock left to play. Let’s handicap the race using the data below.

(Cover photo: Jon Bergman Photography. Hammers v. Victory)

bjorkatyakima Tyler Bjork is leading Seattle Stars FC atop the Evergreen Premier League table. (Tracie Fowler)

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